Ford Offers Free NACS Adapters for F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E Owners to Access Tesla Superchargers

If you own an F-150 Lightning or the Mustang Mach-E in the US or Canada, you may soon be able to get a free charging adapter from Ford. The adapter will allow you to use Tesla’s Superchargers

Ford CEO Jim Farley announced on X (formerly known as Twitter) that his company would be sending eligible customers who own either the F-150 Lightning or Mustang Mach-E Fast Charging Adapter as a way of saying thank you. The adapters will allow the EV owners to charge using Tesla’s Supercharger network in the US and Canada. They will be shipped directly to the owners, with Ford covering shipping costs.


Farley, nor the company through its press release, did not elaborate on what “eligible” means. Details on reserving the adapter and the specs will be available later.

Despite gaining access to the Supercharger network, Ford promises to continue growing its own BlueOval Charge Network. Farley also said, “Activating, charging & payment once a customer has an adapter will be seamless through FordPass or in-vehicle Public Charging App.”

Ford announced a partnership with Tesla last year that would see the latter welcome the former’s EVs to its famous charging stations. The adapters are necessary as Tesla uses the North American Charging Standards or NACS connector for most of its rapid chargers, while Ford EVs are fitted with the Combined Charging System 1 or CCS1 charging port.

Ford will start using NACS on its next-generation EVs from 2025, meaning the vehicles would not need adapters to use Tesla’s chargers.

According to Tesla, Ford EVs will begin to use its public charging stations in February.

Other EV makers signed on to Tesla’s 50,000-plus Superchargers include MazdaVolkswagen, Audi, PorscheLucidSubaruToyota & Lexus, etc. The US federal government has put its weight behind the charging protocol.

Ford isn’t the only automaker that will provide free NACS adapters to its owners. Last year Rivian said it will also provide one free adapter, and that customers will be able to purchase additional adapters through their online Gear Shop.

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