Fisker Ocean SUV Plagued by Technical Issues

Fisker has encountered significant problems with its first electric vehicle (EV), the Fisker Ocean SUV. Launched after years of development and numerous delays, the automaker has since been mired with technical glitches and customer complaints of sudden power losses and brake malfunctions, and more.

According to TechCrunch, which reviewed internal documents from Fisker, customers have reported over 100 instances of the Ocean SUV unexpectedly losing power, alongside other issues such as brake failures, malfunctioning key fobs, and seat sensors failing to detect the driver’s presence.

In a review of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Drive Tesla found there have been 53 complaints filed with the agency by owners, with the majority of them regarding the Ocean’s braking, in particular the regenerative braking.

In many of these complaints, owners said that despite numerous attempts to reach Fisker for support, the company has been unresponsive.

These problems have not only inconvenienced owners but have also raised serious safety concerns, prompting investigations by the NHTSA into the braking issues.

We had issues with the car from the day it arrived ranging from the key fob not working to multiple warning lights that interrupted the regenerative braking. Despite multiple tickets filed, Fisker was unresponsive. After about two weeks of owning the car (less than 250 miles on a brand new vehicle), the car went unresponsive while driving despite having a full charge and no warning/issue alerts.

NHTSA complaint

While they may not be responding to owners, Fisker has attempted to fix these issues by implementing software updates and promising further improvements, but the frequency and variety of the issues have left many customers frustrated and fearful for their safety.

The Ocean SUV’s troubles are reminiscent of CEO Henrik Fisker’s previous venture, Fisker Automotive, which faced its own set of challenges and eventually filed for bankruptcy. This history, combined with the current issues facing the Ocean, has led to skepticism about the company’s ability to deliver on its promises of innovative and reliable EVs.

Amidst these difficulties, Fisker has been forced to adjust its sales strategy, moving away from direct sales to partnerships with dealerships in an effort to stabilize its financial situation and reassure potential customers. However, the company’s reliance on the Ocean SUV as its flagship product means that resolving these technical issues is crucial for its future success.

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