Elon Musk shares what to expect in next Full Self-Driving updates

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has shared some of the improvements and enhancements that will be coming in the next several versions of Full Self-Driving (Supervised), the first of which should roll out as early as next week.

The majority of Tesla owners with FSD are currently on v12.3.4 or v12.3.5 (sorry everyone still on 2024.8, your time will come), and these version have proven to be a major step change compared to previous versions. The shift in the capabilities and human-like behaviours is due to the fact Tesla has switched to an end-to-end neural network. The switch has allowed Tesla to train the system on millions of video clips, ditching over 300,000 lines of code that previously told the car what to do.

According to Musk, the next major update, v12.4, will be an equally, or even more significant change, as this version “has almost completely retrained models.” Musk says v12.4 is close to being ready, and that it should start an initial rollout next week.

Musk also suggested that v12.4 will get rid of, or at least greatly reduce the occurrence of steering wheel nags. If Tesla were to remove or reduce the amount of nags, the system would likely rely more heavily on the cabin camera to monitor driver attentiveness. It is worth noting that Musk has previously said the steering wheel nag would be removed for those owners that had a high number of miles with FSD engaged, but it is still around to this day.

Even though v12.4 hasn’t been released publicly yet, the Tesla team is already working hard on v12.5 and v12.6, which focus on the more rare, one-off scenarios that are difficult to train for. “We’re getting into rare, complex situations, for example: going down a narrow, one-way road, encountering a road closure and having to reverse out to find a new route,” Musk explained.

While 12.4 has a tentative release date for next week, Musk did not provide a timeline for potential release dates for 12.5 and 12.6.

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