Elon Musk will present ‘Master Plan 3’ at Tesla’s Investor Day – here’s what we know about the plan so far

Tesla has started sending out invitations for their first ever Investor Day, which will take place at Giga Texas on March 1, 2023. The invitations were sent out to select retail and institutional investors that have signed up and been verified as shareholders on Tesla’s website.

Tesla first announced Investor Day last month saying their next-generation platform, among other things, will be discussed during the event. On Wednesday CEO Elon Musk added more information about the agenda, revealing on Twitter that he will be discussing his Master Plan 3, calling it “the path to a fully sustainable energy future for Earth…”

If you are unfamiliar, Master Plan 3 follows Musk’s original Master Plan and Master Plan Part Deux, revealed in 2006 and 2016 respectively. The first plan, which is still available to read on Tesla’s website, detailed how Tesla could become what it is today. That plan outlined taking the company from building an expensive electric sports car, the proceeds from which could fund the development of an “affordable car,” and then repeating that pattern to “build an even more affordable car.” The plan wasn’t just about building cars but also involved zero-emission energy sources to power those vehicles.

Then came Master Plan Part Deux in 2016, which went beyond producing just passenger cars and into producing vehicles for “all major segments.” The plan also called for an expansion of solar products like the Solar Roof, and Full Self-Driving technology and a robotaxi fleet. While those last two haven’t been realized just yet, Musk is ready to reveal Master Plan 3 in just 3 weeks.

Here’s what we know about Master Plan 3 so far.

Given that Tesla has already announced that its next-generation vehicle platform will be discussed at the event, and with Musk’s tweet, it is safe to assume that this vehicle will form a major part of the plan. In a tweet last year Musk said the plan will be about taking Tesla “scaling to extreme size,” which is hinted at by the thousands of vehicle castings in the background of event invitation.

This platform was most first mentioned in some detail at the Q3 2022 earnings call, where Musk said it was the “primary focus of the vehicle development team.” Musk called the platform a game changer, revealing these three details:

  • it will be half the cost of the Model 3/Y platform,
  • it will be smaller in size than the Model 3/Y platform,
  • it will exceed Model 3/Y production combined.

Will all of the information teased thus far this next-generation vehicle could be made up of one massive casting, instead of front and rear castings joined together by the structural battery pack, like it is now for the 4680 Model Y.

In that same tweet last year Musk also said Master Plan 3 will for the first time involve some of his other companies like SpaceX and The Boring Company. While these might get a mention during the event, the focus will likely be on the Tesla part of the Master Plan 3 given the nature of the event.

What do you think will be unveiled at Investor Day? Let us know in the comments below.

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