Edmonton EV charger rebate launches for homes and businesses

The City of Edmonton has approved a rebate program that will allow homes and businesses to save up to $600 on the installation of a Level 2 electric vehicle (EV) charger.

During a council meeting on Tuesday, the executive committee voted in favour of the program, but put on hold on a similar rebate for electric bikes, CBC reports.

The new rebate will be offered for the next two years, with a total budget of $300,000 to help encourage EV adoption in the city.

Under the rules of the program, existing home owners can apply to receive $600, or up to half the cost of a qualifying Level 2 EV charger. For homes under construction, you can receive a $300 rebate up to half of the cost of the EV charger.

Commercial property owners can receive up to $2,000, or 50% of the installed cost under the program.

According to the list of qualifying EV chargers published by the City, Tesla’s Wall Charger is included.

All installations must be performed by a qualified electrician in order to qualify. You can learn more by reading the program’s Participation Guide.

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