Don’t be an Ian Icer, Olivia Overstayer, or Peter Perker – BCIT creates EV etiquette videos to help educate drivers

As an electric vehicle (EV) driver, you’ve undoubtedly come across someone who has parked in an EV charging spot and not plugged in, or stayed plugged in at one for far too long. These situations, along with others, can lead to range anxiety for EV drivers, frustration and aggravation, and sometimes even physical altercations.

In fact, a study last year by BC Hydro found that 25% of EV drivers have argued with another EV driver at a charger, while a further 33% have witnessed one.

Now three students at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) have created a series of videos to help educate drivers on the new norms when it comes to EV charging station etiquette.

The videos were created through a partnership with the BCIT Smart Microgrid Applied Research Team (SMART) and three BCIT Digital Design and Development students, Tasha Vithaya, Emily Kwok-Choon, and Ashlynn Chen.

Part of our ongoing research investigates how we build social norms that adapt to new and evolving technologies. With this student video project, we explore a gentle way to shine a light on good etiquette to help build social norms for EV charging,” says Joey Dabell, SMART Project Leader.

Each video features a specific persona relating to a common issue found at EV charging stations. Check them all out below, and be sure to share them with friends and family (including EV drivers) so everyone can learn the proper etiquette when it comes to EV charging stations.

Olivia Overstayer

Olivia drives an EV and takes too much time charging her vehicle, preventing other EV drivers from getting a chance to charge.

Ian Icer

Ian drives an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) car and parks in spots designated for EV charging.

Peter Perker

Peter is an EV driver who thinks the charging station is used for VIP parking.

Source: BCIT

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