District of Houston to get BC Hydro charging station this fall

Residents and visitors of the District of Houston in British Columbia will soon be able to enjoy the region’s first DC Fast Charging station.

Set to be complete by this fall, the charging station is coming thanks to an agreement signed between BC Hydro and the District. The charging station will be located in the downtown core, with the hopes that it will encourage traffic to the small region, and provide an economic boost from travellers stopping in for a charge.

By locating a new station in the downtown, electric vehicle traffic would be encouraged to stop in the downtown core and will likely increase the amount of highway traffic contributing to the local economy.” – District of Houston chief administrative officer Gerald Pinchbeck.

The cost to install the charging station, estimated to be around $250,000, will be entirely paid for by BC Hydro. There will be no fees to use the charging station, but BC Hydro is applying to the BC Utilities Commission to set one up.

The new DC Fast charging station will allow most EV’s to get nearly a full charge in 30-40 minutes. Tesla drivers will have to have a CHAdeMO adapter in order to use the station. If you don’t have one, BC Hydro stations typically have a Level 2 J1772 charger as well, which will obviously take longer to charge your vehicle.

h/t [Houston Today]

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