Cruise’s autonomous taxis begin offering daytime rides in San Francisco

Residents of San Francisco have been enjoying autonomous night-time rides courtesy of Cruise.

However, the company has commenced accepting passengers during the day.

Cruise has been offering self-driving taxi rides in San Francisco at night, but the service has now been expanded to day times. The CEO, Kyle Vogt, celebrated the first autonomous ride in daylight on Twitter.

The service is available to select users but will soon be expanded to the general public.

Cruise, a subsidiary of General Motors, uses modified Chevy Bolts known as Cruise AVs.

The night-time operation was decided to reduce the safety risk to other cars and humans on the road. Cruise has recorded crashes and cars stalling after eliminating human fail-safe drivers.

However, it must have become confident its Robo-taxis can handle daytime traffic, which tends to be denser.

Cruise had to develop its microchips in-house to reduce costs.

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