City of Victoria updates its public EV charger fees [Update]

Victoria DC fast charger
Credit: City of Victoria

The City of Victoria has updated their electric vehicle (EV) charging fee bylaw.

The bylaw sets the charging fees for city parkades and surface parking lots, and was updated to add rates for new DC fast chargers that will be installed later this year.

Since January 2021, EV owners plugging in to a Level 2 station pay $1 per hour to charge and $1 per hour for parking. Those rates will be remaining the same.

If you hold a monthly parking pass, you will pay $35 per month the permit, plus $0.25 per hour when plugged into a station that shares power. That increases to $1 per hour for stations that do not share power.

Drivers plugging in to the new DC fast chargers will pay $5 per hour at a 25kW station, $12 per hours at a 50kW station, or $16 per hour at a 100kW station.

According to the City, there are currently 19 Level 2 charging stations in its parkades and surface parking lots. There are also two DC fast charging stations.

The City plans to add another 100 Level 2 stations and six fast chargers this year, and 650 over the next five years.

Editor’s note: This article was updated to correct the information that it is the 25kW DC fast chargers that are increasing to $5 per hour, not the Level 2 chargers, which will remain at $1 per hour. It was also updated to clarify the DC fast charging rates are new. We apologize for any confusion.

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The City of Victoria hopes to add 650 public EV chargers over five years

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