ChargePoint Rolls Out Support for NACS Connector

ChargePoint has announced it is starting to roll out support for the North American Charging Standard (NACS) connector at its EV charging stations. NACS is a uniform connector for EVs developed by Tesla that is gaining traction across North America.

The journey towards NACS started earlier this year with several automakers pledging to produce NACS-capable vehicles and adapters for existing models. The transition was further cemented following the announcement by SAE International that NACS was put on the fast track to become standardized in North America. ChargePoint has also wasted no time in adapting, with the company announcing today it has began equipping new stations with NACS plugs.

To ensure that its existing charging infrastructure is compatible with the NACS standard, ChargePoint is now shipping “cable upgrade kits” to its extensive network of DC fast chargers throughout the country, numbering in the hundreds of thousands. The company says their Home Flex system users can expect to access NACS cables even sooner.

The adoption of NACS connectors represents a pivotal moment in the EV charging industry. Currently, EV chargers support multiple DC and AC power types through proprietary ports, causing confusion and inconvenience for drivers who need to juggle multiple accounts and subscriptions. The switch to NACS connectors is expected to streamline and simplify the charging process, eliminating the need for multiple adapters and reducing driver frustration.

While NACS is gaining prominence as the North American standard, ChargePoint says it will continue to offer CCS1 ports alongside the new NACS connectors and cables, recognizing the importance of flexibility during this transitional period.

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