Canada investing $2 million to bring 40 new EV chargers to Saskatchewan

The Government of Canada has announced a $2 million investment to bring more electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to Saskatchewan.

Funded through Natural Resources Canada’s Zero-Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP), Saskatchewan Power Corporation will install up to 40 EV chargers across the province.

The project is hoping to increase EV adoption in the province. As of the end of 2021, Saskatchewan had around 1,200 EVs registered and on the road.

“Though there are still a relatively small number of EVs on Saskatchewan roads, it’s expected that this market will grow. It’s important to prepare for a future where more customers drive electric vehicles and expect the infrastructure to be in place to do so,” said Troy King, Acting President and CEO, SaskPower.

The locations for the chargers have not been identified, but will be installed in public places, multi-unit residential buildings, on streets and at workplaces or facilities for servicing light-duty vehicle fleets.

All chargers will be available to the public by December 2023. Based on the level of investment, these are likely all to be Level 2 chargers.

These new chargers will be in addition to the 20 Level 2 and DC fast charging stations announced by SaskPower last month.

SaskPower announces $2 million investment in EV charging in Saskatchewan

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