BYD to expand into Germany and Sweden in October 2022


Chinese automaker BYD announced that the company plans to sell EVs in Sweden and Germany starting in October 2022.

Currently, BYD sells its Tang electric SUV in Norway, and many expect BYD will also offer the Tang SUV in these new European markets.

The Tang is based on the BYD e-platform 3.0 and includes an LFP battery with cell-to-pack technology.

BYD did not confirm the exact models they are bringing to this new European market.

However, it did confirm it will sell its plug-in passenger cars in these new markets.

For distribution, BYD is partnering with the Hedin Mobility Group.

Hedin Mobility Group is one of Europe’s largest privately held dealerships, with over 230 stores in eight nations.

BYD has been busy launching its global brand over the last several months.

The company launched in Australia in February, Japan in July and is planning to launch in the Netherlands in September.

Hedin Mobility Group plans to open its first German location in October and launch stores in Sweden and German starting in Stockholm.

Later this month, BYD will also introduce client websites for each market, which will include models and pricing.

Sales will officially open in October 2022, with the first deliveries starting in Q4 2022.

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