Tesla raises Model Y prices in Canada again

Tesla has raised prices for both Model Y variants in Canada, pushing the electric SUV to be $14,000 more expensive than it was late last year.

Through much of 2021 the Model Y Long Range was priced at $69,990. A series of price increases late in the year and through the early part of 2022 pushed the entry-level variant to the mid-$70k mark.

The last price increase came on March 14, when Tesla raised it a $4,000 to $82,990. Tonight the price has increased yet again, although by not as much this time around.

According to the Design Studio, the Model Y Long Range is now $1,000 more expensive at $83,990.

The Model Y Performance is now above the $90,000 watermark, priced at $90,390 (+$1,100).

There have been no changes to the price of the Model Y in the United States.

model y prices canada

Even though Tesla has significantly raised the price of the Model Y in Canada over the last few months, demand has not seemed to slow down.

Estimated delivery wait times for the Long Range variant are showing as between February 2023 and May 2023 for the base configuration. Any upgrade (wheels, paint, etc.) shortens that slightly to between November 2022 and February 2023.

If you need a Model Y quickly, you will have to pay up to the Performance variant, which can be delivered as soon as July.

Tesla has also raised prices on their entire lineup tonight. You can read about the other changes here.

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