Tesla increases prices for all Model S, 3, X and Y variants in Canada

Tesla has been busy adjusting prices in Canada on Thursday night. The price of Full Self-Driving Capability has increased by $2,200, and both Model Y variants were also increased by $1,000 and $1,100.

Not to be left out, prices for all variants of the Model 3, Model S, and Model X have also been adjusted higher.

Model 3 Price Changes

The biggest price increase belongs to the Model 3 Long Range (LR), now $3,000 more expensive at $74,990.

The Performance model also saw a significant price bump to $83,990 (+$2,500).

Combined with the last price increase on March 14, the LR is $6,000 more expensive, while the Performance is now a whopping $9,000 more expensive.

If you were looking to buy the entry level Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) variant, you will have to pay $61,980, just a $600 price increase.

  • Rear Wheel Drive – $61,380 to $61,980 (+$600)
  • Long Range – $71,990 to $74,990 (+$3,000)
  • Performance – $81,490 to $83,990 (+$2,500)

Model S and Model X Price Changes

Following some substantial price increases in March, as much as $16,500 for the Model X Plaid, tonight’s price adjustments for Tesla’s flagship vehicles are a little easier to stomach.

All variants of both vehicles were increased just $600.

Model S

  • All-Wheel Drive – $128,990 to $129,590 (+$600)
  • Plaid – $177,990 to $178,590 (+$600)

Model X

  • All-Wheel Drive – $146,990 to $147,590 (+$600)
  • Plaid – $184,290 to $185,590 (+$600)
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