Tesla Model Y spotted and captured in hi-res images

Last week we saw some grainy and blurry footage of a prototype Model Y caught on a Teslacam on the streets of California near Tesla HQ, but it was enough to set the internet on fire. Now today, Motor Trend has just published a number of hi-res images of the prototype.

The images appear to show the same black Model Y that was seen last week. While overall the vehicle appears very similar to the one revealed at the launch, there are some differences, as noted by Motor Trend. One of those differences is the rear diffuser, which appears to be different and re-designed than the one we saw at the launch. Another difference is the wheel option, which appear to be a Model Y version of the Model 3’s aero wheels. It is worth noting though that the wheels pictured here do not appear in the online configurator, so they might just be for testing purposes. Also noteworthy is the chrome delete look seen on many Model 3’s, with no chrome visible on the window frames or door handles.

Whatever the final product looks like, it will no doubt be a huge hit for the Silicon Valley based manufacturer.

What do you think of the look of the Model Y in these photos? You can see the full set of photos at Motor Trend.

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