Tesla Model Y set to launch in Israel in early 2022

Tesla began deliveries in Israel earlier this year with the arrival of the Model 3. The electric sedan has proven popular with more than 6,500 of the imported vehicles already snapped up by eager buyers.

Tesla fans that have been waiting on the sidelines for the Model Y to go on sale in the country might not have to wait much longer.

According to a report from The Globes, the electric SUV is likely to be approved for road-use later this year, and be added to the Design Studio in early 2022.

Ahead of the expanded lineup being offered, Tesla has also hired Shlomo Makdimon, a former Union Motors executive, to be the country’s national sales manager. His role will also including managing the new showrooms and delivery centers, the first of which are also expected to open early next year.

To support the growing fleet of Tesla vehicles in the country, four Superchargers have opened this year in Israel. The first opened in Tel Aviv in March, with the next station planned to go live soon in Afula.

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