New York’s Perry Police Department unveils Tesla Model Y cruiser

perry police
Credit: The Daily News

The Town of Perry in upstate New York has added a Tesla Model Y to their local police department.

Police Chief Michael Grover says the Model Y Long Range was purchased for about $55,000, with a $7,500 government rebate.

The Chief says he was initially reluctant about going electric, but was quickly convinced it was the right decision after getting to spend some time behind the wheel.

“I was a little on the fence about it until I got in it. It’s a great car. We did research on electric cars and found this one to be the most reliable,” he told The Daily News.

The Model Y has a range of 318 miles, which will be more than enough for the typical shift, which according to Grover is about 125 miles per day.

The Perry Police Department currently uses a fleet of three Ford Taurus sedans, all of which Grover hopes to replace with electric cars in the future.

The Model Y cruiser has been on the job for about one month, but was brought out for its first public showing at the ‘Finger Lakes Meetup’ this past weekend.

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