Jay Leno takes a close look at a new Tesla Model Y [Video]

Fresh off his Tesla Cybertruck experience, everyone’s favourite denim-clad car guru Jay Leno is back with a look at another Tesla, the new Model Y.

Leno got his hands on a gorgeous Performance Midnight Silver Metallic Tesla Model Y, and took it for a spin on some LA roads. But before that, he takes a detailed look at the interior of the electric SUV, including laying down in the spacious rear cargo area.

Leno in rear cargo area Tesla Model Y

As is the case with a lot of Leno’s coverage of Tesla since buying his first Model S directly from Elon Musk over the phone while in China, he is clearly a fan of Tesla’s latest vehicle. He likes the looks, the interior (no rattles), the batteries, and the quiet performance of the Model Y.

Check out the full video below. But whatever you do, DO NOT close your frunk like he tries to do.

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