Ford spotted road testing multiple Mach-E’s in Canada this weekend

With deliveries of the upcoming Ford Mach-E electric vehicle possibly pushed back into 2021 thanks in part to coronavirus delays, the automaker has begun road testing of early production models in Canada.

The first was spotted on Friday in Ottawa at the Ikea location on Iris Street. This was a white model with Michigan license plates that did not have the AWD 4X badging on the rear or on the sides.

The second was spotted by a Drive Tesla reader Simon Wong on Sunday, July 5 2020, in Waterloo. The Grabber Blue AWD Mach-E 4X with a VIN of just 00010 was charging at what is now known as the Ford RnD Center on Columbia St W.

Simon was able to get some great side-by-side comparison shots and others that he shared exclusively with Drive Tesla with both his new Model Y and another Model 3.

From the photos the Model Y appears to be the larger of the two electric SUV’s, with the roofline of the Tesla Model Y just above that of the Ford.

Unlike Tesla which had the same manufacturers plates on all their test vehicles, these Mach-E test vehicles both had different Michigan plates.

It also appears the blue Mach-E is a European spec vehicle as it has a type 1 to type 2 adapter and also has the European style plate holder on the rear bumper.

As Ford gets closer to the first customer deliveries of the Mach-E, it will be no surprise to see more of these Mach-E testers on the roads in Canada with Ford having their new Innovation Centre in Waterloo, and with Ford being just across the border in Michigan.

What do you think of the Mach-E compared to the Model Y? Let us know in the comments below.

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