Anaheim Police Debut Tesla Model Y Patrol Fleet

The Anaheim Police Department is deploying a new fleet of six Tesla Model Y patrol vehicles. The shift to electric was driven by a national patrol car shortage and aging vehicle issues.

Chief Rick Armendariz announced the initiative last week, explaining that the shortage of traditional patrol cars pushed the department to explore alternative options, resulting in the selection of Tesla’s Model Y due to its availability and advanced features.

In collaboration with Unplugged Performance’s UP.FIT program, the department has outfitted the six Tesla Model Ys for patrol duties. The vehicles, selected from Tesla’s existing inventory, were quickly modified to meet the specific demands of law enforcement activities.

The decision to incorporate Tesla Model Y SUVs into the patrol fleet stems from their notable advantages, including rapid acceleration, significant storage capacity, cost-effectiveness, and low maintenance requirements. These factors make the Model Y an ideal candidate for police work, allowing officers to respond swiftly to calls and increasing their engagement with the community, the Anaheim Police Department explained in a press release.

Credit: u/roketman117

Despite the upfront costs not being disclosed, the availability and affordability of the Model Y likely played a key role in the department’s decision. This price point is considered even more favourable when you take into account the potential savings in fuel and maintenance costs typically associated with gas-powered vehicles.

Tesla itself has said in a post on X that shifting to EVs could save law enforcement agencies over US$4,000 per vehicle.

The outcomes of this pilot will be closely monitored, with the department evaluating the vehicles’ performance, reliability, and overall cost-effectiveness, with the insights gained used to guide future decisions regarding the integration of more EVs into the fleet.

The Anaheim Police Department will be holding a media preview day at the Anaheim Convention Center on Monday, allowing local press and public safety officials to witness the capabilities of the new EV fleet first-hand.

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