Tesla Model X turns into delivery room in NYC

Credit: New York Post

A Tesla Model X became a makeshift delivery room this weekend in New York City.

In a scene straight out of a movie, the expectant mother and her husband were on their way to NYU Medical Center when they became stuck in traffic.

Expecting the baby might arrive at any moment, the new father flagged down nearby police officers, who began leading the Model X through the heavy traffic.

“Officers began escorting the vehicle to NYU Medical Center but had to reroute to Bellevue [Hospital] due to heavy traffic,” said NYPD Sgt. Edward Riley told the NY Post.

A few moments later the officers noticed the Model X had stopped and when approaching the vehicle, found the woman had given birth the back seat.

A New York Post photographer was on hand to capture the new mother and baby being loaded onto a gurney, with the Model X Falcon Wing doors giving them easy access to the patients.

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