Don’t be like this idiot and film yourself sleeping in your Model X while on Autopilot

Model X driver sleeping

We’ve all seen the videos in the news of people allegedly asleep behind the wheel of their Tesla while it travels down the highway on Autopilot. Obviously this is extremely poor judgement and dangerous on the part of the driver as Tesla clearly says you have to be alert and keep your hands on the steering wheel to take over at any time.

Those people weren’t planning on being caught on camera. But TorontoSix2019 on YouTube took it to another level by filming himself having a casual nap (with a pillow) behind the wheel of his Model X, and then posted it to YouTube for everyone to see. Not only is he dumb enough to do that, but you can also clearly see his face and be able to identify him. He also posted a nice profile picture to YouTube.

Model X driver asleep behind the wheel

The video, which according to the description is from his drive from Boston to Toronto (an 8hr 21m drive), shows about 35 seconds of driving where the video has been sped up to at least 4x the normal speed, so he was asleep behind the wheel for at least 2-3 minutes there. It also shows another 30 seconds of normal speed video from a second camera where he’s again asleep behind the wheel, securely snuggling with his pillow.

You can also see from the video that he has disabled the Autopilot alerts by attaching a piece of string to his steering wheel. If he had not have done this, Tesla’s safety features would have kicked in and would have alerted the driver with loud beeps and then pull over and slow the car down to a complete stop.

Even if he was just pretending to be asleep, this is dangerous behaviour and it not recommended for any Tesla driver to do, let alone to film yourself doing and post on YouTube.

It’s unclear from the video if he’s from Boston or Toronto, but going by his YouTube username he is likely from Toronto. If anyone is able to recognize him from the video or the picture above, he should be reported to local police with the video presented as evidence of his reckless driving, and hopefully justice can be served.

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