Tesla finally starts emptying mysterious Model S holding lot [Video]

Just over one week before Tesla officially began deliveries of the refresh Model S, a parking lot with hundreds of the new vehicles was discovered just a short drive from the Fremont factory.

It appeared as though Tesla was stockpiling them in preparation for deliveries to kick off, but they remained there, untouched and collecting dust as the weeks and months passed by.

Now nearly five months later, a drone flyover shows at least 100 of the cars have been removed from the lot. The video was taken yesterday on October 27, 2021.

Since they have been sitting for several months, there has been a lot of speculation on the backstory of these cars. Some thought they were defective and didn’t make the grade and would eventually be scrapped.

Others thought Tesla was waiting on a few parts before they could complete these cars and deliver them to customers.

We may never know the answer, but it looks like Tesla is at least doing something with them now.

You can watch the video below, with begins at the flyover of this lot.

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