How does Tesla FSD beta handle snowy conditions? [Video]

There are just a few days left in 2020, and the window for a December release of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta software is Canada is getting smaller and smaller.

Eager Tesla owners across the country are waiting to test the beta software in the worst winter conditions Canada can throw their way. While we wait, one of the US beta testers decided to see how it handles snow and ice covered roads.

Popular beta tester AIDRIVR took his Model S running FSD beta 8 (2020.48.12.15) to Lake Tahoe recently after a heavy snowfall. Since he does live in California, his car was equipped with all-season tires, so the results could have been different had it been properly equipped with winter tires.

The first test is to see if the self-driving software can find its way out of a snow covered parking lot where no lines are visible. While the typical driver would take it slowly in these conditions, the self-driving software quickly accelerates and pulls the steering wheel quickly to the left and right. This results in the car sliding in the snow before the software disengages.

Several more attempts and it is again clear the Tesla is not aware of the snow and is still driving as if it is a warm California day.

AIDRIVR then takes his Model S to the streets, and the results are similar. Even though the car does a decent job of recognizing driving space even with the snow covered roads, it still drives too fast for the conditions. This results in the owner having to take control several times.

In watching the video and the different scenarios, it is clear the software does not recognize it is driving in conditions that require it to alter its driving behaviour.

Check out the full video, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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