Watch a Ferrari 812 Superfast owner’s first experience in a Performance Model 3

What happens when you take an owner of a Ferrari 812 Superfast, a 789-hp 6.5-liter V-12 Ferrari supercar capable of reaching 60mph in 2.8 seconds, and put him in the front seat of a Tesla Performance Model 3?

The owner of the Superfast, Sjoerd van Stokkum, is no stranger to fast cars, having had his own automotive TV show. In the video, he takes the host, Jordy Dost, on a spirited run on some back streets, genuinely scaring Jordy along the way with some class calls with other vehicles on the road.

After burning through probably $100 in fuel in the Ferrari, the two switch vehicles to the Tesla Performance Model 3, with Dost taking the driver seat. Even though the video is not in English, there’s no mistaking the universal language of someone’s first time experiencing the mind-bending acceleration of the Performance Model 3.

Despite driving the Superfast like a maniac, van Stokkum apparently can’t handle the instant electric acceleration and g-forces of the Tesla, and after just a couple of minutes and a few corners in the car, has to get out due to motion sickness.

Check out the full video below. You can turn on auto-translated English subtitles, but they aren’t very good.

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