Tesla Model 3 driver and passenger walk away after passing truck dumps a load of concrete blocks on it

It sounds like a scene out of a horror movie, but it actually happened to a couple in the United Kingdom. While driving their Model 3 along the roads of Weston Longville, a passing truck took a corner a little too quickly and dropped a load of concrete blocks right onto the one-month old car.

And it was all caught on TeslaCam.

The Model 3 was being driven by Neil Collins, who was enjoying a drive in his new car with his wife in the passenger seat. As they approach a corner the camera shows a truck approaching from the other direction at a higher than normal rate of speed.

Just as the truck is about to pass, an unsecured load of concrete blocks falls off the trailer.

Images via Neil Collins / Norwich Evening News

With no time to react, they land right on top of the Model 3’s hood, windshield and roof.

Model 3 concrete blocks
Image via Neil Collins / Norwich Evening News

Miraculously they are both able to walk away from the accident with only minor cuts and bruises. Collins credited the Model 3’s safety as the reason.

“The windscreen collapsed but it pretty much held. It was quite amazing that we walked away. I think the lorry driver was sure he had killed us because he was as white as a sheet. He asked if I was OK and I shared a few choice words with him.”

You can watch the TeslaCam footage of the accident below.

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