Tesla limits Dyno Mode to reduce power to keep idiots from crashing

Tesla Dyno Mode

Tesla’s hidden Dyno Mode was first discovered within an EPA filing from October 2019, which deactivated safety systems like traction control, stability control, and automatic emergency braking (AEB) for dyno testing purposes.

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The result was you could push the car to the limits, and experience some fun drifting and racing on a closed track. But the instant torque without Tesla’s safety systems got many people into trouble, and most were using it on public roads, endangering the lives of innocent drivers around them.

Since people can’t be trusted with nice things, when you activate Dyno Mode now, power is limited rendering Dyno Mode essentially useless.

There is still a legitimate need for what Dyno Mode used to be, so there is still probably a way to activate it, but Tesla has learned their lesson and won’t be publishing how to do it again.

Check out the video below showing the reduced power when in Dyno Mode.

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