Sales of electrified vehicles outnumber gas powered cars in France for the first time with the Model 3 leading the way

For the first time sales of new electrified vehicles has outnumbered that of gas-powered cars in France.

The milestone occurred during the first three months of the year, where electrified vehicles (fully electric and hybrid) accounted for 40% of all new car sales in the first quarter.

That was enough to outnumber gas-powered car sales, which accounted for 38.3% according to data from the Plateforme Automobile (PFA).

Leading the way for electric car sales was the Model 3, followed by the Dacia Spring and hometown hero Peugeot 208. (via Reuters)

The shift in consumer sentiment happened at the same time when French consumers are buying fewer cars.

Overall car sales in March dropped by almost 20%, the tenth straight month do so.

Car sales were also down 17.3% in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the same time period last year.

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