New Tesla Model 3 Performance specs leak, and it looks like it won’t disappoint

While we wait for the official launch of the upgraded Tesla Model 3 Performance, new details have emerged about the potential specs of the electric sedan through regulatory documents from South Korea, and it looks like Tesla does have something special up their sleeve.

Tesla launched the new Model 3 last year, but missing from the lineup with the top-of-the-line Performance variant. However it soon became evident it was going to be returning with even more upgrades than its counterparts.

Recent sightings in Europe have confirmed the Model 3 Performance will be getting unique bodywork to distinguish itself from the Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) and Long Range (LR) variants in the form of new front and rear bumpers, as well as a new set of wheels, improved suspension (possibly adjustable) and brakes, and even its own set of Sport seats.

Previously, European certification documents have suggested the Model 3 Performance will also be getting performance upgrades to match the new looks, and now documents out of South Korea have given us our first look at some potential specs.

According to the documents uncovered by Julien (@eivissacopter), the Model 3 Performance will be getting a new rear motor. This motor is labeled as 4D2. While this is different than the Plaid rear motor which is 5D2, it does come with more power, up to 303kW, or 406 horsepower. This compares to the legacy Model 3 Performance, which had 250kW (335hp) of peak power at the rear motor.

The new rear motor will be paired with the same front motor as before, 3D3, which has 158kW, or 212 horsepower, for a combined power output of 461kW, or 618 horsepower. This is a substantial increase from the previous 377kW (505hp) in the legacy Model 3 Performance.

Much of that increased power will be felt at the top end. The old Model 3 Performance rear motor reached peak power at around 75km/h (47mph), but the new 4D2 reaches peak power at 110km/h (68mph), meaning that feeling of gut-wrenching acceleration will be experienced for much longer than before, something that will help the Model 3 Performance in races longer than a 1/4 mile.

Other specs leaked in the document include the weight, which will be the same as before (1,855kg/4,089lbs), the size of the battery pack (82kWh), and even with the increased power, the new Model 3 Performance will still get up to 430km (270 miles) of range on a full charge. However, this figure is based on the stricter testing cycle than the EPA, so we can likely expect a figure closer to 500km (311 miles) in North America.

The biggest questions that now remain are when it will officially launch, and what it will cost. The launch will likely take place this month, given that Tesla was recently spotted filming promotional footage of the Model 3 Performance in Spain. As for the price, all of the changes, both internally and externally, suggest it should be priced higher than its predecessor, but Tesla may surprise us when they finally announce the new Model 3 Performance.

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