You can now upgrade and purchase rear heated seats for the Tesla Model 3 SR and SR+ [Update]

The Tesla Model 3 Standard Range (SR) and Standard Range Plus (SR+) both come with the Partial Premium interior, which means no rear heated seats, despite all the equipment being there.

Late last year Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to an owner’s request on Twitter asking for an upgrade to purchase the ability to use the rear heated seats in the SR+ and partial premium interior, simply responding “Sure”.


With most of Canada is in a frigid cold snap right now, the day has come and you can now purchase the upgrade to have rear heated seats, and for a decent price too.

Available in the Tesla Mobile App and in your Tesla account online, the upgrade is available for a one-time purchase of just $400 CAD ($300 USD).

Tesla Upgrade Rear Heated Seats
Tesla Rear Heated Seats App

This will be a welcome addition to many SR and SR+ owners, and another revenue source for Tesla made available with the click of a button. It may also help with efficiency and improved range as now the passengers in the back can be kept warm via the heated seats, instead of using the HVAC system which sucks up much more energy than the seat heaters.

Are you going to purchase the upgrade? Let us know in the comments below.

UPDATE: After purchasing the upgrade (which is also eligible for a refund), the instructions say to connect your car to WiFi and it will be updated. Mine was connected to WiFi in my garage and updated almost immediately.

Heated rear seats purchased

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