Tesla secures a new Megapack contract with Neoen in Australia

Tesla Energy has secured a second deal with Neoen to expand its Western Downs battery project in Queensland, Australia.

Initially, the Western Downs battery project would include 140 Megapacks at a cost of $207 million. The 140 Megapacks were to provide 200 MW of storage for the project. The new extension will see the project increased to 270 MW of storage and will cost $74 million, according to Renew Economy.

The extension will be built with Tesla Megapack 2XL packs and will sit beside the newly commissioned 400 MW Western Down solar farm. Neoen announced that UGL would build the project.

The plan is to open the battery project in the summer of 2024. The project will provide storage capacity, and Neoen plans to provide renewable firming, frequency services and transmission network support. In addition, Neoen will provide essential system stability services through a new grid-forming inverter technology that was funded in coordination with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

Neoen is not new to the battery and energy project niche. The company built the original Tesla big battery in Australia and has storage systems in Bulgana and Victoria. As well, Neoen is currently in the midst of building the Canberra big battery and recently announced another battery project in Western Australia.

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