Tesla Giga Texas Takes Delivery of Machinery for Cybertruck Assembly Line

Tesla Giga Texas
Image: @JoeTegtmeyer/X

Tesla continues to expand its Cybertruck production line at Giga Texas. Another delivery with robots was spotted on the site. More and more finished Cybertrucks can be seen near the factory.

Tesla continues to ramp up its efforts to get as many Cybertrucks on the road as possible. The company is actively expanding the production line for the truck, as observations show. While flying a drone over Giga Texas, @JoeTegtmeyer/X spotted a new shipment. The truck supplied robots for the Cybertruck production line, as stated on the box: “CT Zone X.” Tesla relies heavily on robots in manufacturing, trying to automate production wherever possible.

Setting up a production line for Cybertruck is not an easy task. The technologies used to produce it are new, which means there is no knowledge in the automotive industry that describes the experience. This means that Tesla must go through the most difficult process on its own, which takes a lot of effort and time. Elon Musk often emphasizes that creating prototypes is easy, but mass production is hard. At the moment, Tesla is going through the most difficult stage in order to change the automobile industry forever.

The company already produces Cybertrucks at Giga Texas, however it remains unknown whether any of them are suitable for delivery to customers. It is expected that the first deliveries could take place in Q3 2023, however some delays are possible. While this may frustrate some customers, it is important to remember it is better to get a quality vehicle later than a hastily built one as quickly as possible. Additionally, we still have no information about whether Cybertruck has passed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) tests. The truck requires NHTSA crash tests and a certificate of compliance before it can be officially delivered.

@JoeTegtmeyer also noted that there were five Cybertrucks at the Giga Texas site on Monday. Two of them were in the parking lot, and three were at the crash test site. This indicates that new Cybertrucks are rolling off the Giga Texas production line every day.

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