Latest crowdsourced data estimates Tesla Cybertruck reservations have surpassed 622,000

When Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck to the world on November 21 2019 (doesn’t that seem like forever ago?), you either loved it or hated. It appeared lots of people loved it, as just one week after the event, Elon Musk announced 250,000 reservations.

Now the number of Cybertruck reservations could be as high as 622,000, according to the latest crowdsourced data from

Based on trim levels, the dual motor and tri motor options dwarf the number of reservations for the single motor variant. The popularity of the more expensive options made Tesla rethink their production strategy, and moved up the production of the more expensive tri motor to late 2021 and pushed back the production of the single motor to 2022.

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Based on the numbers revealed by Musk on November 26, 2019, it’s not hard to believe this total is far off from the actual number of reservations. Based on our analysis, in the first month after the Cybertruck was unveiled, there was one reservation made every 2 seconds.

It is important to keep in mind that a reservation is simply a $150 refundable deposit. Critics like to point out that many of those 622,000 estimated reservations won’t materialize into an actual order. That may be the case, but if even 50% of them follow through, that’s a whole lot of cash coming to Tesla in the next few years.

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