ZeekrPower EV charging stations expands to 20 cities across China

Zeekr has announced their electric vehicle (EV) charging network now covers 20 cities in five major regions across China.

As of March 18, the automaker has now opened 20 stations in Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Ningbo, Changsha, Xi’an, Chongqing, Huzhou, Wuxi, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Suzhou, Hefei, Nanjing, Foshan, Changzhou, and Zhuhou.

The automaker says they plan to continue to improve the charging network and gradually cover more areas of the country in the coming years.

Founded only last year, Zeekr is a premium EV brand backed by Geely, a sister company of Volvo.

The Zeekr 001 is the only model the automaker currently offers for sale. In a shortened February impacted by Spring Festival Holidays and supply chain issues, 2,916 units were delivered in China last month.

That brings the total sales volume of the Zeekr 001 to 12,453 units since it launched in October 2021.

Source: Pandaily

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