Tesla Unveils Optimus Gen 2: A Leap Forward in Humanoid Robotics with Enhanced Speed, Precision, and Dexterity

Tesla has unveiled the latest version of its Optimus humanoid robot, sharing a video on X showcasing the remarkable advancements included in Optimus Gen 2. The Optimus bot, part of Tesla’s foray into artificial intelligence, employs a trained neural network to execute various tasks, aiming to replace humans in unsafe or mundane activities.

Tesla first unveiled a prototype version of their Optimus robot at AI Day in September 2022, but with limited abilities, even needing help to get out on stage. Progress was quick however, with another demonstration coming a year later, with a video showcasing Optimus’ balance and flexibility, as well as its ability to sort blue and green blocks into matching trays.

Now just three months later and the rate of progression is astounding. In a video shared by the official Tesla Optimus account on X, the company unveiled their latest version known as Optimus – Gen 2.

In the video there a number of impressive scenes and notable moments, with Tesla’s relentless pursuit of perfection evident in the Optimus Gen 2’s enhanced features. The robot now walks 30% faster, thanks to Tesla-designed actuators and sensors, making it more practical for a range of applications. The video showcases Optimus performing squats in a gym, highlighting the robot’s improved balance and body control.

optimus sqaut
Credit: Tesla

One notable improvement is a 10kg weight reduction, enhancing Optimus’s agility and precision. The video demonstrates the robot delicately handling an egg with what Tesla describes as “tactile sensing on all fingers.” This follows previous demonstrations, including sorting building blocks by color and walking through a Tesla facility surrounded by Cybertrucks.

optimus eggs
Credit: Tesla

The hands of a humanoid robot are often a challenging aspect, requiring strength for heavy lifting but also precision for delicate tasks. Tesla addresses this with Optimus Gen 2’s brand-new hands boasting 11 degrees of movement freedom, faster actuators, and tactile sensors on all fingers. The hands are a significant upgrade, enabling the robot to manipulate objects with greater dexterity. Based on the current rate of progress, Elon Musk believes Optimus will have enough dexterity and control to thread a needle within the next year.

Musk envisions Optimus as more than just a manufacturing tool. He has predicted that Optimus will account for a “majority of Tesla’s long-term value,” emphasizing its potential beyond the factory floor. With plans to integrate the robot into Tesla’s manufacturing operations soon, Tesla aims to prove Optimus’s practicality before offering it for sale.

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