Tesla software update 2023.38.8 adds rear seat Bluetooth audio support and new Autosteer activation

Tesla is continuously updating their vehicles and adding new features through free over-the-air (OTA) software updates. The latest update rolling out this week, 2023.38.8, includes an often-requested Bluetooth feature, and a new way to activate Autosteer that mimics how it is done with the new Model S and Model X.

Bluetooth Support

Tesla first introduced a rear screen with the Model S and Model X refresh in 2021. The screen allowed backseat passengers to control some of the HVAC functions, but also access entertainment options. The problem was that rear passengers had no way to connect Bluetooth headphones so that they could listen to their own audio without interfering with what was happening in the front.

While the company has yet to roll out Bluetooth headphone support for the Model S/X, they have now added the feature for the new Model 3, which also gained a rear screen with the recently updated design. According to an owner on the TFF forum who received the update this week, it provides support for up to two sets of Bluetooth headphones. (h/t: @TeslaNewswire)

Single Pull Autosteer

Another new addition to 2023.38.8 is Single Pull Autosteer. As the name implies you now only need to pull down on the gear stalk once to activate Autosteer, making it easier to turn on Autopilot or Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta, depending on what your car is equipped with. This is an option however, and you can keep it as it was, a double pull to activate Autosteer and a single pull to activate Traffic-Aware Cruise Control (TACC).

This new method with the single pull is similar to how Autosteer is activated on the Model S and Model X, which require just a single push of one of the buttons on the steering wheel. It appears as though with this option enabled, you do lose the ability to activate TACC, so if that is something you use regularly, you will probably want to skip turning this feature on.

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