Tesla Q2 2021 production and delivery numbers – what to expect

The second quarter of 2021 is over, and Tesla is busy compiling their quarterly production and delivery figures. The automaker is expected to announce them as early as Friday morning.

Ahead of the official announcement, here is what analysts are expecting from Tesla in Q2.

Wall Street Expectations

According to a poll of Wall Street analysts by FactSet, Tesla is expected to report sales of around 207,000 vehicles in total. Broken down by model type, analysts are expecting that to include 114,000 Model 3 vehicles and 78,000 Model Y SUVs.

The remaining 15,000 vehicles would be split among the Model S and Model X.

Tesla Analysts

Aside from Wall Street, there are a number of reputable Tesla fans and analysts that produce consistent reliable estimates.

One of those is @TroyTeslike on Twitter. According to Troy, he expects Tesla to post 196,000 deliveries on Friday. His breakdown sees 109,174 Model 3 deliveries and 85,241 deliveries of the Model Y

Those numbers are relatively close to Wall Street’s expectations, but the big difference is in his Model S/X estimates where expects just 1,585 deliveries of the flagship vehicles.

If either of the estimates are correct, it will be another record quarter for Tesla. In Q1 2021 the automaker delivered 184,800 vehicles, which is the current record for the highest number of deliveries.

Be sure to check in tomorrow as we’ll have all the details once Tesla releases them.

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