Tesla network outage impacts owners around the world, services slowly returning

Tesla appeared to suffer from a network outage early Tuesday morning, leaving some owners unable to access their vehicles through the mobile app, as well as taking down certain parts of the website.

The issue first began at around 8:00am this morning with owners reporting the mobile app was not connecting to their vehicles.

Parts of Tesla’s website also suffered from the outage, with the Design Studio not working for some users.

The website connection issues spilled over into the mobile app for those wanting to access the Service or Upgrade tab.

Tesla app down

The outage doesn’t appear to have impacted all owners equally, as there were owners sharing videos of themselves unlocking their vehicle through the mobile app.

As the morning progressed, many owners were reporting the services were being restored and the mobile app was working again. From my own personal experience the app was down early this morning, then services returned, and then went down once again around 10:00am and continues to be unable to connect to my vehicle.

Tesla has not made an official comment on the network issues at the time of publication.

Are you having issues connecting to Tesla services through the mobile app or website? Let us know in the comments below.

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