Tesla lowers ranges for Model S/X/Y, adds Stealth Grey and Ultra Red for Model Y

Tesla has made some changes to its website on Thursday night, with the Model Y getting two new colour options. At the same time, the company has also updated the driving ranges for the Model S, Model X, and Model Y.

New Range Estimates

Tesla has updated the range estimates for the Model S, Model X, and Model Y, with all three vehicles seeing their range decreasing. According to internal documents obtained by Drive Tesla, two reasons are behind the change, and it is not due to a change in the size of the battery packs.

The first reason is due to what Tesla refers to as “comfort and functionality improvements” that draw more energy from the battery pack. Tesla did not explain what those improvements were, but did say that they felt they improve the usability enough to offset the drop in range.

The second reason is changes to the EPA testing cycle, which now requires tests to be conducted with acceleration and ride height modes in best and worst case scenarios, the average of which is then taken. According to Tesla this results in “higher consumption and a slight decrease in overall range.”

Model Y Range

In the US the Model Y Long Range (LR) has seen its range decrease from 330 miles to 310 miles, while the Model Y Performance has gone down from 303 miles to 285 miles. The range of the Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) has remained the same at 260 miles.

There are no range changes for the Model Y in Canada.

Model S/X Range

Along with the change to the Model Y, the Model S and Model X have also seen a decrease, and this time it affects both the Canadian and US markets.

Here is a breakdown of all the changes.

  • Model S LR:
    • Canada – 652km (no change)
    • US – 405 miles (no change)
  • Model S Plaid (19″ wheels):
    • Canada – 576km (was 637km)
    • US – 359 miles (was 396 miles)
  • Model S Plaid (21″ wheels):
    • Canada – 515km (was 560km)
    • US – 320 miles (was 348 miles)
  • Model X LR:
    • Canada – 539km (was 560km)
    • US – 335 miles (was 348 miles)
  • Model X Plaid (20″ wheels):
    • Canada – 525km (was 536km)
    • US – 326 miles (was 333 miles)
  • Model X Plaid (22″ wheels):
    • Canada – 483km (was 500km)
    • US – no change (as far as we can tell. If this is incorrect, please let us know)

Ultra Red and Stealth Grey

For the first time since it was first launched, two new paint options have been added to the Model Y Design Studio. First introduced with the Model S and Model X last year, Ultra Red and Stealth Grey are now also available on the Model Y.

Stealth Grey is now the free paint option for the Model Y and is included in the base price of the vehicle. As a result, Midnight Silver has been discontinued. On the other hand, Ultra Red is now the most expensive paint option at $2,600 in Canada or $2,000 in the US, replacing Multi-Coat Red, which has also been discontinued.

Credit: Tesla
ultra grey Credit: Tesla
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