Tesla engineering director Alan Clarke moves to Ford

Tesla has lost their Director of New Programs Engineering, Alan Clarke, who recently joined Ford to work on their electric vehicles (EVs).

Clarke announced on his Linkedin profile that since January he has been working in Ford’s Advanced EV Development program. The posting was first reported by Automotive News.

Clarke’s Linkedin profile reveals a long list of projects he has worked on during his 12-year tenure at Tesla.

He started out as a Design Engineer in 2009, working on several projects related to the Model S and Model X:

  • Model X – Advanced Engineering, integration of front drive unit and rear drivetrain, integration of high voltage distribution, manufacturing of all closure panels
  • Mechanical Design of Model S Battery Enclosure – design and development of aluminum structure and steel covers including castings, extrusions, and stampings and multiple joining and sealing technologies
  • Advanced design of Front and Rear Suspension and Steering including Catia Kinematic Modeling for Model S
  • Model S Full Vehicle Package Owner – drove resolution for integration issues
  • Model S Exterior Door Handles Concept Mechanism and first prototype design to prove out concept for production

In 2012 he moved up to become a Senior Manager of New Programs Engineering, before being promoted to Director in 2017.

During that time he worked on the engineering and development of advanced prototypes and future models, including the Roadster and Cybertruck.

A Ford spokesperson confirmed Clarke’s new role to Automotive News, adding that he will be reporting directly to Doug Field, another recent hire that counts Tesla and Apple as former employers.

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