Tesla ends free Supercharging offer in Poland and Slovakia

After nearly three months Tesla has ended their free Supercharging offer in Poland and Slovakia.

In early March Tesla decided not to bill owners plugging into any of the nine Superchargers in Poland or four in Slovakia to allow them to travel to a safer location if they were in an area impacted by the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

In an email to local owners shared on Reddit, Tesla says all regular charging and idle fees will be reinstated as of June 1.

Over the course of the nearly three months the offer was available, Reddit user u/Fixtor says long line up were a frequent sight at Superchargers in Poland, and not just because there were lots of people fleeing nearby border towns.

Despite some people just wanting to get a free charging session, the offer did benefit many to travel and help Ukrainian refugees. A convoy of 12 Tesla owners (and three non-Tesla EVs) travelled all the way from Ireland to Poland in order to bring several vulnerable refugees back to the emerald isle.

Tesla convoy to help Ukrainian refugees get to Ireland

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