Tesla addresses concerns about workplace safety at Giga Berlin

Tesla has responded to allegations of inadequate workplace safety at Giga Berlin, saying that the health and safety of its employees are its top priority, refuting claims made by German labor union IG Metall regarding safety concerns.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Tesla emphasized its commitment to employee well-being, stating, “For us at Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg, the health protection of our employees is our top priority and therefore occupational safety.” The company outlined measures in place, such as standardized risk assessments for all workstations, the implementation of necessary safety measures, and providing employees with appropriate safety clothing and training. (via Spiegel)

Employees have been voicing their concerns, with over 1,000 joining forces to demand better working conditions on Monday, displaying solidarity during an organized action with IG Metall stickers on their shirts with the slogan “Together for safe & fair work at Tesla.” While IG Metall described an “atmosphere of fear,” Tesla rejected this characterization, emphasizing their commitment to addressing the issues collectively.

The allegations first surfaced in late September when “Stern” magazine reported a significant number of workplace accidents at the Tesla factory. Tesla confirmed 190 reportable accidents between June and November 2022, a figure considerably higher than the industry average. However, they did not provide specific figures for comparison.

In response to these concerns, Tesla has pledged to analyze and evaluate the reports with qualified personnel. Tesla said they are committed to taking necessary precautions or making changes based on their findings. Furthermore, occupational safety measures within the factory undergo frequent and regular inspections by relevant authorities.

The issues at Giga Berlin have garnered significant attention, with the opposition left-wing faction in the Brandenburg state parliament planning to address the matter in an upcoming session. The factory, which opened in March 2022, currently employs around 11,000 people.

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