Porsche releases Q1 2020 sales figures, including new Taycan

Porsche released the all-new electric Taycan late last year. Early reports indicated a slow start to sales, with Porsche reportedly receiving 30,000 deposits, but delivering only 130.

Then Porsche ran into production issues, which caused an 8-10 week delay for new Taycan owners.

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The German automaker has now released their Q1 2020 delivery numbers, and the new year is off to a weak start.

Overall deliveries came in at 53,125, which is down 5% compared to Q1 2019, which saw Porsche deliver 55,700 vehicles worldwide.

Porsche Q1 2020 deliveries

All but one market for Porsche saw declining sales in the first quarter of 2020. Only Europe was able to buck the trend, seeing an increase of 20% compared to the same period last year.

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For the electric Taycan, worldwide sales totaled just 1,391, 221 of which were sold in the US.

The biggest market in the world for Porsche in the first quarter was Asia. In the first three months of the year, 22,031 Porsche cars were handed over to new customers. This was still a drop of 8% overall compared to Q1 2019.

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