Nissan teases new commercial EV launch in Europe

Nissan UK teased a new electric light commercial vehicle in a Tweet on Friday. The vehicle will debut on World EV Day on September 9, 2021, and is meant for the European market.

According to Motor1, the short animation might be an all-electric version of the NV200. The company released the e-NV200 back in 2014 but has not updated or produced a new version of the vehicle in almost a decade. However, according to others, the car could be an entirely new EV model.

The Nissan announcement could be interesting for the Japanese automaker. Although they were once the leaders in the EV sector with the Leaf, they have fallen off the pedestal and are now playing catch-up with Tesla and other major automakers.

Further to the vehicles, rumours are circling that Nissan is developing a new technology to reduce the costs of recycling rare earth metals. The rumour is that the new technology will cut the price in half. Which could be great news for the industry searching for cheaper battery materials.

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