New Tesla Model 3 earns title of “best car you can buy” in Norway

The new and upgraded Tesla Model 3 has only been available for about a month, but it has already won over the editors at the Norweigan publication, which named it the best car you can buy.

The upgraded Model 3 was put in the family car category, coming out on top against the like of the VW ID.3, BMW i4, Hyundai Kona, and more. Even when compared against the winners of the cars in the other categories, like the Peugot e-208 in the small car class, or the BMW iX50 in the large family car class, the Model 3 was the best, thanks to its price, range and efficiency, and “outstanding driving characteristics.”

One of the biggest upgrades that came with the refresh design, known as Project Highland, were improvements to cabin noise, with the publication noting the “noise level has been lowered several notches.” The quality of the interior, with new materials being used and RBG lighting being added to the dash, along with a new rear screen, was also noted as having being improved.

It wasn’t all positive for the new Model 3, as also commented on the varying ownership experience with Tesla. One of the judges on the panel, a technical consultant at the Norwegian Automobile Federation, commented on the known quality control issues with the automaker that led to common problems in the original Model 3 and also the Model Y.

“There are primarily problems with the paint and moisture in the taillights that are repeated on the Model 3 – and Model Y. Many also experience that the communication with Tesla is poor, that almost regardless of the problem, they get an answer that this is within the standard,” Auden Bergerud said.

Speaking of the Model Y, it was also included in the publication’s testing. While it wasn’t named the best car you can buy, it still won its category, medium size family car, beating out the Hyundai IONIQ 5, Kia EV6, VW ID.4, and others.

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