Metro Vancouver is thousands of EV chargers short to meet demand: Report

A new report from the Metro Vancouver Climate Action Committee has noted that the region will need thousands of more electric vehicle (EV) chargers to keep up with demand. Based on current EV chargers and the rate of EV adoption, Metro Vancouver alone will need an investment of up to $2.9 billion to keep up with the demand expected by 2050.

Currently, Metro Vancouver has 270 fast charging ports and just over 1,600 level 2 ports. However, the report notes that over the next 30 years, metro Vancouver alone will need an additional 7700 fast charging ports and up to 97,000 level 2 ports to support EV use. The report’s goal is not to scare the public but rather to provide all levels of government clarity on what kind of investments are needed in the region to support EVs.

Municipal and Provincial governments are making investments, but it’s still insufficient. For instance, the Province of British Columbia recently announced an investment of $26 million for 250 new charging stations in British Columbia, but Metro Vancouver needs that and more.

One of the more unique challenges for metro Vancouver is a lack of private parking spaces that could support EV charging. Thus, suitable public and street charging options should be a focus for all levels of government moving forward, especially in high-density neighbourhoods.

The Province of British Columbia has noted it is aware of the report, and the targets noted in the report are in line with its own.

You can read the full report below. (via CBC)

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