Maryland man who rammed into a Tesla convicted of attempted murder

A Washington County jury has found guilty a pickup truck driver that repeatedly rammed into a Tesla. The Tesla was occupied by a local real estate agent.

James Russell Anderson was convicted of second-degree attempted murder for driving his Ford F-350 into the Tesla. The 48-year-old faces the possibility of 40 years in prison. However, he was acquitted of attempted first-degree murder, which could have fetched him life imprisonment. But he was also convicted of first-degree assault resulting from the two occupants in the Tesla.

The incident occurred on March 1st, 2022, on a farm property that real estate agent Cynthia Sullivan was inspecting for sale. However, there was a problem with one of the tenants on the property because of an eviction notice. The tenant reportedly screamed at Cynthia Sullivan and the landlady.

Meanwhile, the tenant’s friend and neighbor, Rebecca Anne Finkelman, was also at the scene. Finkelman is Anderson’s girlfriend and lives across the street. The scene soon descended into chaos, involving calling 911. However, Finkelman later called Anderson on the phone, asking for help.

Anderson showed up in his Ford pickup and rammed into Sullivan’s Tesla five times while she was behind the wheel. Eyewitnesses claimed Anderson drove over the hood and windscreen. Sullivan claimed at the trial that she had back and neck pain from the incident.

Sullivan’s Tesla was totaled. Anderson remains in jail as he awaits sentencing.

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