Majority of Tesla owners ask for ability to transfer FSD when asked what company should improve

Tesla has been much more active on Twitter ever since CEO Elon Musk purchased the social media company last year. Following that trend the company recently posted an open-ended question asking its fans “what should Tesla improve?,” and the overwhelming majority of responses asked for the ability to transfer Full Self-Driving (FSD).

Tesla’s FSD Capability option has soared in price in recent years as the software has progressed. Adding FSD Capability to your purchase in Canada means paying an extra $19,500, before taxes, essentially adding the equivalent of a second car to your final invoice. In the US the price is almost the same with the option priced at $15,000. That high price has become a point of contention among Tesla owners that purchased FSD Capability several years ago, when prices were much lower, who want to upgrade and purchase a new car, but are being held back because Tesla doesn’t allow owners to transfer the software to a new car.

This topic has come up many times before, even making it to a quarterly earnings call where Musk said the company is not considering this option. The topic may have to be addressed again, at least internally, as a scan of the responses to Tesla’s tweet shows the overwhelming majority of owners and fans asked for the ability to transfer FSD.

The request goes beyond just transferring FSD to a new car, as others suggested the ability to transfer FSD after a car has been totaled due to no fault of the owner. There were also suggestions to allow transfers between cars if an owner has more than one Tesla, or to allow transfers for a small fee. We also suggested in our reply that at a minimum Tesla should allow early adopters to transfer FSD.

While Tesla would lose out on the financial gain from selling another FSD license by allowing transfers, they will gain a lot in brand loyalty if they were to allow it, something which is arguably more valuable than the current price of the software.

Be sure to check out all the replies to Tesla’s tweet above s there were some interesting ideas. In your opinion, what should Tesla improve? Let us know in the comments below.

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