Lincoln Tech Expands Tesla Collaboration Training to Columbia, MD Campus

Image: Tesla

Lincoln Tech Expands Tesla collaboration training to Columbia campus. Classes under the START program will begin on August 28. Tesla will pay students an hourly stipend for all 16 weeks of study.

Lincoln Tech expands Tesla collaboration training

Lincoln Educational Services Corporation, which has been providing specialized technical education for more than 75 years, announced the expansion of the START program with Tesla. The manufacturer will begin teaching students at its campus in Columbia, Maryland. The Tesla Training Center was opened as part of an ongoing agreement to help train the next generation of Tesla’s service technician workforce.

Tesla offers great opportunities for students

Tesla START training is provided to eligible students for free. Students are trained for 16 weeks. The specialized education program is open to automotive graduates from any Lincoln Tech campus. As part of the program, all students will receive an hourly stipend throughout their studies. The first lesson under the START program will begin on Monday, August 28.

“Lincoln Tech recognizes the value of providing advanced EV training opportunities to our students,” says Scott Shaw, Lincoln Tech’s President and CEO, according to a press release. “We enjoyed a successful launch of Tesla START training at our Denver campus last year, and we’re excited to now have an opportunity on the East Coast for students seeking to build this level of advanced career skills.”

“Our intention at Lincoln Tech is to become the leading provider of EV Automotive Technology training. Broadening our partnership with the brand driving the EV industry is an invaluable step towards reaching that goal,” he added.

Lincoln Tech organized a special training center as part of the START program

The Lincoln Tech campus in Columbia has converted about 6,000 square feet of its automotive engineering training facility into a Tesla training facility. The Texas-based manufacturer is providing tools, equipment and charging stations, as well as training vehicles, to educate students.

Upon completion of the Tesla START program, graduates may be hired for positions at Tesla Service Centers throughout North America. The company also offers relocation bonuses to new hires, which can be a great deal for some.

Tesla START program available to all Lincoln Tech graduates

The Tesla EV training program is available to Lincoln Tech graduates from all its Automotive Technology campuses across the country: Denver, CO; Columbia, M.D.; East Windsor, CT; Grand Prairie, TX; Indianapolis, IN; Mahwah and Union, NJ; Melrose Park, IL; Nashville, TN; Philadelphia, PA; and Queens, NY.

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