“Life with Model 3” series launches on Tesla.com

In case you didn’t know, Tesla has thus far spent a grand total of $0 on advertising. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has stated that he would rather use that money for R&D and to make a product that people love and will want to buy. They also rely on word of mouth, or viral marketing by maintaining a strong presence on social media, with Musk himself leading the way.

So far that seems to have worked for the California automaker, after delivering a record 97,000 vehicles in Q3.

In keeping true to their word, Tesla has recently launched a new section on their website entitled “Life with Model 3“. This area showcases short videos of owners experiences with their Model 3 from around the world.

“Life with Model 3” has videos featuring specific attributes of the vehicle that the user can filter on to view videos that interest them. You can filter on Autopilot, design, performance or technology. You can also filter on daily, road trip, or weekend trips or by solo, family, or couple trips.

With the recent European expansion and increasing popularity (it just won 4 awards in the UK), it also provides the opportunity for Europeans to sign up to win 2 weeks with a Model 3.

Life with Model 3 videos

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